Best Disney Character Names That’ll Bring Back Those Magical Memories

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Disney was the one thing that shaped everyone’s childhood as the magical world created by Disney allowed us to dream and wander off in our imaginations. One of the most well-known Hollywood studios, there are characters created by Disney that can be recognized by every single person on this planet. 

There are many Disney characters that people can recognize in an instant and in the blog, we are sharing those unforgettable Disney characters that people cannot forget no matter how old they are. 

Relive your Magical Childhood with these Disney Character Names

There are many Disney Character Names that you can recognize in a heartbeat and here, we are going to tell you about those characters that have made your childhood magical. 

1. Mickey Mouse

Who doesn’t know Mickey? No one!! Mickey Mouse was the first character created by Disney and the legacy of the character is so vast that no one can forget Mickey mouse. 

2. Cinderella 

When it comes to Disney princess characters, Cinderella is one princess that every person knows. Cinderella is the first love story that kids know about when they watch the magical movie where Cinderella gets her happy ending even after so many problems. 

3. Aladdin 

Aladdin and the magic lamp is one of the most famous tales created by Disney and the character of Aladdin is known by every person if they have not watched other Disney projects. 

4. Donald Duck 

Donald Duck is one of the most famous Disney cartoon characters and people can easily recognize the duck in its sailor outfit anywhere anytime. 

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