Is There An App to See Who Views Your Facebook?

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Social media has been around for most of the time when it comes to Gen Z but that doesn’t mean that there will be social unrest for the top spot as that has been taken already by none other than Facebook. 

The crown jewel of social media has been at the top for more than a decade and rightfully so as most of the filters and features that the platform came out with were miles ahead of other platforms. 

Now, moving on to the more important question, how to see who viewed your profile on Facebook? Well, the answer is quite simple as Facebook now allows you to see who views your profile without any app. 

The process on how to see who views your Facebook profile is quite simple actually. Simply visit the settings of your account and click on profile activity to see who visits your profile.

Although this feature is only available for IOS users as of now, it will be available for android users soon enough. Rumor also has it that the developers are planning to remove the feature since this violates the privacy concepts and the whole scenario of remaining anonymous while stalking someone.

But as long as it is available, people are making good use of it.

For more info or queries, you can simply visit the help and support center of Facebook to get all the answers without much fuss.

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