Seven Dwarfs Names in Snow White

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If you know about the fairy tale world then you would surely know about the seven dwarfs in the story of Snow white. They were seen in the classic show of Walt Disney named Snow white and the seven dwarfs in the year 1937. 

Since then the dwarfs are known by the people and are liked a lot too, if you are reading this blog to know about these dwarfs and their names then this is the right blog where you could find about the names of the seven dwarfs

Name of the Dwarfs in the Snow White Cartoon of Disney – 

All the seven dwarfs has unique personalities and their names somehow resembled their personalities, 7 dwarf names are :- 

  1. Doc – The eldest dwarf is doc who also has a white beard and glasses on his nose, and you would find him often being nervous.   
  2. Grumpy – Grumpy as the name suggests is cranky and short tempered but he is also smart and is kind hearted. 
  3. Happy – Happy just like its name always remained joyful and has a round face with a beard white in color, and he loves party, dance and jokes. 
  4. Sleepy – Sleepy faces difficulty in staying awake but even though he is drowsy he is extremely clever and hardworking. 
  5. Bashful – With a shy and giggling personality he has a constant blush on his face and his crush is snow white. 
  6. Sneezy – Sneezy always has a running nose, his nose is red and he suffers from sneezing and is very friendly.
  7. Dopey – Last is dopey who is the youngest one and he is the only one of the seven dwarfs who does not speak much and displays his youthfulness. 

These were the seven dwarfs names which you would find in the story of Snow white and you would love their characters when you would watch the cartoon.

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