What Are the Top Alternatives of Orcpub?

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Since OrcPub.com and OrcPub2.com have been shut down by the developers, Orcpub users can no longer access this tool to manage the character building and other features in their gaming campaigns, especially in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. But don’t worry! Even orcpub down cannot hinder your access to the service it used to offer, You can still access its alternatives for the same purposes. 

Best Alternatives to OrcPub 

  • D & D BEYOND 

It has a wide selection of D & D resources along with quick builders and virtual character sheets. Check it as the best orcpub alternative

  • ROLL20

You can play tabletop games online with others using this platform. Roll20 can be accessed using a web browser to avail of its features such as character sheets, voice and video chatting, a huge art library, background music, and many more. 


This helps you create a character for D & D. Aurora Builders will enable you to own content that would be built by others. Use this free tool as an orcpub replacement


you can manage tabletop roles while playing games with your virtual friends. Moreover, it enables you to share maps and pictures. Use this tool to build characters as well as communicate with your remote amigos. 


You can manage your gaming campaign as well as invite your friends for it. Access this virtual platform for adding features to your gaming. 


This web-based tool is free to use. Some of its main features are a simpler layer, dynamic lighting, initiative tracker, offline support, infinite canvas, self-hosting, player vision, etc.

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.