Why Can't I Click the Start Button on Windows 10?

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Today most of our work is done on the computer and even the children are also trained and studying in digital mode. In such a scenario where your mobile phone or computer stops working or does not work properly, it feels like our world has stopped and nothing is happening. Whether the world stops or not, one thing that definitely happens is that we lag behind in our work or our studies. Most of the time, the problem you have is that the windows 10 start button is not working properly, you are not able to click anything on it. This issue may occur if you upgrade to a newer version of Windows and some files become corrupted during installation, and now due to this, you are not able to click anything on the desktop or taskbar. 

The following are the windows 10 start menu troubleshooter methods that can help you fix the problem of not being able to click anything.

1. Turn off the Tablet Mode

Sometimes, accidentally we turn on the tablet mode on our computer, and we are not aware of it, due to which we are not able to click on anything and it feels like that windows 10 start button is not working properly. But you can easily solve this problem by switching it off. In order to do so, you have to press the Windows key + A from the keyboard at the same time. A side menu bar of Windows will appear, containing several options. Choose the Tablet Mode option and turn it off by going to its settings.

2. System File Checker

Running a system file checker which is a windows 10 start menu troubleshooter, will help you find the problem in the corrupted file and will also rectify itself by replacing the corrupted file with the correct one. Following are the steps:

  1. Press the Windows + X key from the keyboard.
  2. Search Command Prompt in the search box.
  3. Run it as an administrator.
  4. In the command prompt, type “sfc/scannow”.
  5. Hit Enter from the keyboard. It will initiate the System File Checker.

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This is a free website created with hPage.com.