How to Unsuspend A Facebook Account?

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Facebook is a platform that many of the users use and also use to share posts stories and other things. But there are sometimes when Facebook suspends some accounts when they violate the rules and regulations of Facebook that is why people are looking for how to recover suspended Facebook accounts

So in this blog, we are going to provide you the steps which you can try to get back your account and go for Facebook disabled account recovery and continue using your account as before. 

Steps to Get back your Suspended Facebook Account – 

  1. For the first step you need to login into your Facebook account and then you will see a message stating that your account has been suspended and you need to being the process to get back your Facebook account suspended. 
  2. In this step, you will have to answer the security questions that have been asked to you for security purposes. 
  3. After answering the questions you need to identify the photos of your friends on Facebook; Facebook is doing this to verify that it is you who is trying to get back the account and not someone else.
  4. Now fill in your birth date in the column given to you and if you have fulfilled all the criteria then only you will get the option to recover your Facebook account disabled. 
  5. As soon as your account is disabled you can use your Facebook account as you used to do before without any problem. 

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