Gmail on iPhone Not working and How to Fix It?

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Are you facing Gmail issues on your iPhone today, like, even after entering the correct email address and password you are not able to log in to your Gmail account on your iPhone device? Then don’t be frustrated in this article you will get the complete information about this issue and hopefully by the time you reach the end of the article your issue will be resolved too. 

Let’s have a look at the solutions or ways which can help us fix our issue of Gmail not working on iPhone. Just make sure your email address and password are entered correctly.

  • Go for the CAPTCHA reset 

Resetting the CAPTCHA feature of Google will allow the new devices to connect successfully to the mails. For this you have to visit the CAPTCHA reset page of Google.

  • Check if IMAP is turned on or not

IMAP, which is used to send mails, might be a reason that Gmail won’t be added to the iPhone. If IMAP is not enabled you may not be able to access the Email account from the server. 

  • Re-Install Gmail

One of the most basic ways or you can say the trick is to Reinstall your Gmail app on your iPhone device. First, you need to uninstall it from your iPhone device by clicking on the app icon and then selecting the uninstall option. Once it is removed you have to visit the app store of your device and search for the Gmail app there. After you get it, click on the install option. It might take some time depending on the speed of the internet. Now, you have to launch the app by opening it. 

You also have to make sure that you are using the latest and the updated version of the Gmail account in your iPhone device. 

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