How Can I Unlock My Locked Facebook Account?

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When you try to log in to your Facebook account, do you get the message that you has been locked? Most of the time, you may have received the message of Facebook account locked by accident.

You’ll learn how to fix the Facebook error message in this blog.

How to Find Solutions to Your Account is Temporarily Locked Error?

Here are two ways to learn how to unlock a Facebook account 

  • Report A Login Problem

Link to report a login issue:

Visit to the “Report a Login Issue” form. Enter your email address once you are on the form. Facebook will contact you from this email address, so be sure to use a valid one for this. The next thing you have to describe the problem you’re having. Specify in the “Description of issue” box that you have been accidentally locked out of your Facebook account and that you are not being phished. Finally, tap Send and wait a few days for a response from Facebook.

Facebook may take anywhere from one to five business days to process submissions, depending on the number of submissions.

  • Security Checks

Login link prevented by security checks:

Enter your email address once you are on the form. Facebook will get in touch with you at the email address you provide. After that, enter a description of your Facebook locked problem. You must demonstrate that the security code is not transmitting in this instance.

Try submitting the forms again if, after completing them, you have not received a response from Facebook.

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