How to Log Out of Messenger on iPhone or iPad?

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Messenger is an application which was developed by the Facebook officials after the Facebook chat . It keeps millions of users connected and it is the most growing application these days . People can hangout/communicate/make new friends and build connections on the virtual media . Messenger is now operational on Instagram and Facebook besides. It has promoted the Facebook service anyway .

The messenger application is easy to access on any device there is no limit as such . IF you wish to use this service on your mobile phone then try downloading the application which is readily available on the google play store.

Now so as to logout from Facebook messenger on iPhone , start by opening the Facebook application and at the corner of the screen you would notice three horizontal lines , hit on the menu options/ Then simply scroll by the time you reach the option which states as “settings and privacy” and hit on the “settings” and further you will be taken to the “security settings screen”. Now under that select the “security and login option” and under the messenger login hit on the “logout option” . You are all good to go.

In case you need to know “how to logout from messenger on iPad” , visit the official homepage and hit the three parallel lines again which are located at the corner. While you scroll click on the “privacy and settings option”. Hit on the “settings” under the tab of the new dropdown menu .Hit on the “security and login” and  hit the “log out option” and you are all done . You may also keep track of where your device is connected be it your phone or iPad , all you need to do is simply keep track of where you are logged in under the tab of “see more” , this is a good security check-up and its important as it simply avoids hacking .

Before that it is important to know the basic steps to create your account on messenger via any device . 

Simply visit the official site of Facebook and simply follow the directions . Make sure you fill in the right credentials . Also adding to that you should know that recently in Jan 2020 the Facebook company removed the concept of creating the messenger account without having any Facebook account beforehand . This is a struggle as you will have to create a fresh Facebook account so  as to use the service . 

These are the basic insights in the reference of the blog , make sure you give it a good read.

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