What Happens When You Deactivate Kik Account?

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In today’s world children usually start their social media interaction pretty early, and there is nothing wrong with that fact but the one thing we should keep in mind is that they are still children and they should be protected by adults from dangerous lurking sites. Kik is one the famous platforms used for instant messaging among young children, as one can easily register themselves in Kik without providing much personal information. Kik is usually used by users to send private messages or to exchange photos and videos with other users. To register yourself on Kik you just need an email address, date of birth, and a username to log in. So, children are prone to dangerous sites and usually have no idea what they can go through or how these sites can harm them. So many users have a common question i.e., “how to delete a Kik account permanently” or “how to disable Kik”. So, we have prepared the best troubleshooting steps to answer these common questions below.

How to deactivate Kik, give these steps a good read, and don’t miss out on anything.

1) Visit the official Kik website.

2) Open the Kik account deactivation page.

3) Provide the information asked about your Kik account in the provided fields.

4) Enter a reason for Kik permanent deactivation.

5) Click on the check box so the tick appears.

6) Search for the go button and click on it.

7) Now Kik will send you a verification email on your provided email address to confirm that you want to permanently delete your account.

8) Open the email and click on the verification link.

So now your Kik account will be permanently deactivated and there will be no sign of your existence on Kik. remember that as your account is permanently deactivated so now it cannot be reactivated by any method. Whereas making sure you give this blog a good read.

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