Do Yahoo Chat Rooms Still Exist?

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In a world where the pandemic has been wreaking havoc and social meets have been at an all-time low, people love to interact virtually with random strangers.

Anonymity has become the social trend of our generation. People often visit chat sites where they can chat, meet, and interact with strangers just for the fun of it.

One such platform was the Yahoo chat room which was regarded as one of the best chat apps in the world. It was launched way back in 1997. Tons of youngsters and adults like this app in an instant and the app became a social media app sensation overnight.

But the joy was short-lived as the users found out that the Yahoo chat rooms were going away in 2014 as the developers of the app decided to shut it down to promote other products and services that were never in the spotlight.

The Yahoo chat room was shut down on 12th December leaving all the users in shock. One of the notable reasons for the takedown of this chat app was the spambots that kicked any random stranger out of the chat site without any notification.

Some of the notable features of this chat app included:

You can delete and even un-send the sent messages. This feature was originally introduced by Yahoo but never came into the limelight until Whatsapp came up with this feature.

The chat messenger also supported image sending at a time when most platforms didn’t have this option. The platform allows you a total of 100 images to your contacts at once. The process is quite rapid as the images are sent in low resolution.

The app was ultimately shut down in 2018. There have been talks of a new app but the chances are slim.

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