What caused Facebook to go down?

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Facebook is one of the most used platforms globally, and many of us depend on it for our business. So, when Facebook is down for an hour or so, we panic and look for solutions. 

But many of us don’t think about the reasons why Facebook is down and what we can do about it. There are times that users face issues like they cannot log in or access their account. And recently, there was a full-fledged outage worldwide.

The full-fledged outage was because of a software issue faced by the Facebook team. However, their team worked really hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible and resolved within an hour or two. And later, Facebook issued a statement saying that the ‘issue has been resolved and we are at full 100% capacity’ for everyone. 

And the outage was reported by many users around the world as per the report from the Down Detector. 

And sometimes, Facebook down for maintenance, and you can’t do much about it. Yes, they go offline for some time to maintain the database and servers for some time. But, in that case, they don’t go completely offline as there are redundant servers for the platform to work just fine in all scenarios. 

And sometimes, during the maintenance, a few key issues arise, and that can cause a problem in the database and working of Facebook. Similarly, last year, they encountered an issue during the scheduled maintenance. Facebook released an official statement and announced the issue. 

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