How to Add A Link in your TikTok Bio?

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how to put a link in tiktok bioDo you want to lead your TikTok followers to some other website or social media application with the help of a link? If yes, then, you can put that link in your TikTok bio on the application which will make your followers curious and they will click on the same link to reach the destination where you want them to.

Here in the guide, we are going to tell you how to add link to tiktok bio so that you can easily add any link to your Bio. 

What Are the Steps to Add A Link to your TikTok bio?

You can easily use the steps that we are giving here when you want to know how to put a link in tiktok bio as the procedure is quite simple and can be completed without any issues. 

  1. Access your TikTok profile on the application on your mobile phone to start the process mentioned here. 

  2. Now, you need to click on the Edit button from where you need to access the Settings and Privacy section. 

  3. Choose the ‘Manage account’ tab and shift your personal account to a Business account on TikTok. 

  4. Now, you need to go to the profile page and tap ‘Edit profile’ once again. 

  5. You will see the box to create a clickable link where you need to type the correct URL of the website from where you are adding the link. 

These are the instructions that you need to adhere to when you want to know how to add a link to tiktok bio

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