What Are Snapchat Scores And How Does it Calculate?

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Snapchat is a famous social media application that has many new features that have attracted the youth. All the new features that are introduced first by the application contribute to the popularity of the application and some of these features are Streaks and snap scores. So in this guide, we are going to tell you about Snap Scores and how the application calculates your Snap scores. 

What Do You Mean by A Snap Score?

If you are wondering, what is a Snapscore? Then, let me tell you that a snap score is a number that is calculated by the number of Snaps that you have incorporated into your account. This number is a total of all the snaps that you have ever shared, receive, or used at someplace. This means that all the snaps that you send, receive or post on your stories will be counted in this number and the more snaps your interact with the higher your snap score will be. 

How Does the Application Calculate the Snap Score?

So, this is the answer to your question how do snap scores work, even though we are a little unclear about all the things that are calculated in the snap score. The application probably calculates or refreshes the Snap score every week because the snap score is updated every week and you can see the new snap score that you have generated with all the snaps that you have shared. 

There can be instances where you feel that your score is not increasing and you start to think that why your are snap scores not updating in this case, we recommend that you wait a week before trying to see the updated Snap score and if it still the same then try some refreshing methods that will restart the application. 

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