Yahoo Mail Stopped working on Outlook?

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Yahoo is a leading portal for e-communication, many users depend on its service. During the pandemic session, many were directly dependent on the service for various reasons most probably work. So, people really enjoy the service of yahoo with outlook, and hence they wanted to link both of them altogether. 

The steps are quite simple, below we will be listing out the procedure so as to configure Yahoo on outlook. Give it a good read, all your questions will be answered shortly. To configure Yahoo on outlook, follow the basic guidelines:

  • Click on the file tab under the add account section.

  • Mention your Yahoo email address and click on the connect option.

  • Enter your password and hit on the connect option, make sure you keep your password strong because of privacy reasons.

  • After you are finally done attaching outlook to your Yahoo account, click on the done button.

If by any chance you are unable to access the service that is simply your Yahoo mail has stopped working in outlook. Then before jumping to the conclusion, it is important to know why this problem occurs. Glitches are quite common; it might be the case that when you open outlook then your recent mail is clearly visible in the inbox. And if you go on by checking the emails further then you might notice that recent emails are not showing up and previous emails are only visible. No recent activity is displayed whereas.

So here is a quick fix on how to tackle the situation:

  1. The Internet is a must, make sure you have a stable connection.

  2. Work offline should not be toggled simply by (opening outlook / See if the bottom of the homepage shows if the working is offline or connected via internet /Click on send and further hit on work offline so as to reconnect.)

  3. Keep looking for updates.

  4. Restart and update after the installation process is done.

  5. Look after outlook settings 

  6. The date and time should be correct 

  7. The country should be right 

These are few fixes, if by any chance the service still does not work then simply approach the customer service team. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out to us onlinegeeks.

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